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Additives for Paper Coating

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Insolubilizer  & Printability-Improving agent  for Coating Color



There are many chemically different types of insolubilizers, but they all have the same function - to add Water Resistance.

Water resistance is particularly important in offset printing, but also for wallpaper and in storage of board packages. In double-coated boards, crosslinkers are used in the pre-coating to impart water resistance against the topcoat. The water resistance can be measured as wet rub and wet pick or seen as less pick, print mottle, or binder migration.

The water sensitivity of paper and board coating originates from the fact that water-soluble binders tend to lose their binding power in contact with water and dissolve. This water sensitivity of binders can be described as the amount of O-atoms in the molecule (in hydroxyl and carboxyl groups). The water sensitivity can be decreased by crosslinking the soluble binders together with insolubilizers or by building an insoluble net around the binders. .

NTWET is Insolubilizer for Binder in Coating Color. This is type of Polyamide-Polyurea Resin.

NTWET causes ionization of coating color to delay through hydrogen bonding with water molecules and enhances liquidity.

After drying is started and water is removed, rapid ionic bonding between cationic ion and anionic ion makes floating point lower and binder migration is restricted. Therefore, coating layer becomes thicken and multi-porous. Mottling and blistering resistance are improved and printing effect is maximized.


-CH2OH  + - COOH  --(- H+, H2O)   -> CH2-O-CO-

(NTWET)      (LATEX)                          (HYDROPHOBIC)    


- Solid Contents (%)   : 50 – 30 % (by customer’s request)
- pH (at 20C)    : 7.5 ± 1
- Viscosity (cps, at 25C)   : < 1000 cps
- Appearance    : Light Yellow Clear Liquid
- Solubility    : Easily Soluble in WATER
- Stability    : Six Month

- Containers should be kept tightly closed when not in use to avoid evaporation losses.
- Avoid direct rays of light & high temperatures
- Keeping Covered
- Storage indoors at 5 – 30C
- Sediments are possible


Bio-Cide for Coating Color


The Expected Benefits of PRESERVATOR HC-18 are as Follows :

-Excellent work on sterilization and antiseptic function.
-Prevents the bacteria from vital process and inhibit the further development.
-Disturbs to from the acid- forming bacteria which down pH.
-Has very good effect on prevention of anaerobic bacteria.
-Optimal performance of sterilization and antiseptic function over the alkaline pH.
-Has no skin irritation.
-No corrosive effect.

1. Physical Properties

A.Chemical Description   : Hydroxyl Compound
B.pH (at 25C)    : 10.0 ∼ 13.0
C.Specific Gravity (at 25C)  : 1.12 ∼ 1.16
D.Appearance    : Light Yellow Clear Liquid
E.Viscosity (at 25C, Brookfield)  : 100 ∼ 300 cps
F.Shelf Life for Storage   : 12 Month
(Original sealed packaging & at room temperature)


A.Dosage of PRESERVATOR HC-18 is 200 ∼ 1,000 ppm of Coating Color.
B.Apply into Color Blending Tank, Supply Tank or Color Recovery Tank.
C.Dose automatically during color make-up.

PRESERVATOR HC-18 does not exert any harmful effects on the health when it is used properly. The attention for handling and the precautions in details are given in MSDS



Defoaming agent for Coating Color

Antifoam E-10A is recommended for use in Coating Color formulations.
Antifoam E-10A will eliminate existing foam, and also remain in the water to prevent further foam build up.

Self-Emulsifying Antifoamer developed in view of fighting foam in paper coating slurries.

A.Type : Compounded blend of phosphate.
B.Appearance : Light Yellow Liquid
C.Active content : 100% Active
D.Ionic nature : Weak Anion (nearly Nonionic)
E.Specific Gravity(at 25C) : 0.920 ± 0.02
F.Solubility  : Readily dispersed in Water

A.Input Value : Using 0.1 – 1.0 part per Pigment.
B.It is changeable depend on water condition.

A.Liquid for easy handling
B.Does not create Fish-Eyes
C.Effective Antifoam
D.Effective Deaerating performance

1.Input Method
1)Continuous Injection  : Using undiluted solution (Use Metering Pump)
2)Dilution In water Injection  : Using promptly (Solution must be below 2)
* It can be changeable as user’s condition (Water, Engineers, and Machine etc)

Antifoam E-10A is marketed as a 100% active-matter-content product. Because of its low-viscosity liquid form, hence its practically instant water miscibility, it can be added to the baths to be defoamed either as is, or in the form of an emulsion obtained upon its diluting with water, while slightly agitating. Antifoam E-10A, as is, or in the emulsion form, can be fed by any conventional process : metering pump, drop-by-drop feeding, etc…..
If Antifoam E-10A stock solutions have been stored for a long time, it is recommended to stir them before use.

Antifoam E-10A has a two-fold action : it acts as an antifoamer and a defoamer.
Hence it is nearly universal use in foaming media. It should be noted that the antifoaming properties of Antifoam E-10A are more useful than its defoaming properties.
Owing to its low tension, Antifoam E-10A very rapidly spreads at the liquid-gas interfaces, either on the bubble walls within the bath, or at the bath surface, where foam preferably forms.

Upon Antifoam E-10A spreading, an exchange takes place between the surfactant molecules responsible for formation and one of ingredients of Antifoam E-10A time-table. This is very valuable, since numerous antifoam, although they act according to varied mechanisms, all lose their antifoaming power upon storing.

A.Owing to its very good water disperse ability, Antifoam E-10A, when it is added to coating formulation, has no detrimental effect upon the uniformity and the appearance of the resulting coating, it does not induce the formation of “FISH EYE” and “CRATERS”, which have a deleterious effect on the regularity and sharpness of subsequent printing.
B.The antifoaming action of Antifoam E-10A is durable. Therefore, the addition of new amounts of Antifoam E-10A is not necessary as long as the same bath is used.
C.Antifoam E-10A efficiency is not impaired by pH variations : Antifoam E-10A retain its antifoaming power all the range of pH value.
D.Antifoam E-10A efficiency is not impaired by a temperature rise : on the contrary, its antifoaming power is noticeable improved by such a rise.
E.Because of its very weakly anionic(nearly nonionic) polarity, Antifoam E-10A can be introduced into most media.
F.Whatever the polarity of the medium is.

Antifoam E-10A is compatible with all clay coating and size press additives.

A.Avoid direct rays of light & high temperatures
B.Storage indoors at 5 – 30C
C.Sediments are possible.


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